What is architecture and how do we experience it

When researching the readings in Pierre von Meiss’s Elements of Architecture, I have found no easy answers to either of these questions.Although it’s true that architecture is not regarded as a single window, door, wall, etc; it is the product of all these things in totality.Each of these can be architecturally examined and argued, but we must look at the building as a whole to really experience it.Architecture cannot be explained through science, mathematics, psychology, or any other type of classification but it utilizes each to make it a unique destination.
Von Meiss begins this study of architecture by dissecting the origins and applications.Analizing and diagramming are an essential part to the success of every structure.With changing times brings new methods and materials to these design fundamentals.Through this many examples we strive to find a universal link to explain evolving architecture.Universal principles in architecture are quite apparent.There are many structural consistencies, which place a scientific explanation of architecture.In earlier times many regarded architecture as a science: integrating the art of building, functionality and aesthetics, (p.8).Others think that the artistic aspect of architecture must be more thoroughly pronounced, such as Francois Blondel who said, “…genius alone will not make an architect.He must through study, application, long practice and experience acquire a perfect knowledge of the rules of his art and of proportions and the skill to choose between them…” (p.8).The debate on whether architecture should be considered a science still continues today.Personally, I disagree with this statement because science deals with the direct cause and effect where as architecture leaves room for artistic impression.But architecture should not be considered an art because it deals with too many necessary standards and not enough expressionism.In archite…


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