What do they suggest about the ways American artists responded to changes taking place in the

The Radiator Building, The Brooklyn Bridge, and the Steam Turbine all represent the shift from
country naturalism to urban naturalism during the 1920's in art.The Radiator Building strongly
depicted the shift of city life in its use of buildings but also a despair in the change.The
Brooklyn Bride represented a more optimistic change in the city life.Steam Turbine, on the
other hand, showed the realistic change that occurred in the 1920's and the growth ofthe new
industrialist society.American artist exhibited the heightened importance and popularity in city
life and the shift from the countryside to the city as the center of American life in the 1920's.
The Radiator Building displays a tall building during the night.The building has many
bright lights on even though it's clearly during the light time.Already The Radiator Building is
exhibiting many ideals of the 1920's.The showcasing of a tall building represents the new shift
in metropolis culture through the introduction of the skyscraper.As cities' "bustle" grew and
architectural space lessened and prices for land increased, a new architectural style for building
upward arose.The Radiator Building displays this new change especially through the fact that
the artist depicts "the radiator building" nestled between two building on either side that are
considerably shorter than it.The fact that more lights in the building are off than on also
portrays the American artist response to the changes of the 1920's.The city took on a new
excitement as the "roaring twenties" emerged.Through the artist choice of night time and the
use the lights in the different rooms of the building, the artist emphasized the change in urban
cities.The blandness of the painting though, void of detail and action, can symbolizes the artist
sense of the emptiness of modern life whic…


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