What Acting and Theater is

In my opinion acting is the ability for a person to convert to a new character. They act, speak, and think differently as oppose to the character that they normally would be. Acting is a great type of art. One that you can see, hear, and sometimes even touch. They make you laugh, cry, and sometimes they may even scare you. Acting can be an exit to your ordinary every day life. It is a portal, which takes you into a character that you want to be. It may relief your stress and above all it is pleasurable.
August 27 I had the opportunity to go se a Broadway musical show. I went to see Rent by Jonathon Larson. I was dazzled when I went to see this great show. Although I am not a Joey Fatone fanatic I still admired the role he played as Mark. What I most like about this show in particular was that it was modern. It portrayed different relationships among different people. There were straight relationships, homosexual relationships, and lesbian relationships. They all came together on the same basis of friendship.
The two actors that I really enjoyed were Karmine Alers who played the role of Mimi and Manley Pope who played the role of Roger Davis. They both were great together. I loved the way they danced together and acted together. My favorite song in the whole show was Light my candle. They both acted and sang great. You can see how they flirted with each other and how they connected. They had great chemistry together. Their Attitude and the way they moved their bodies simultaneously made you want to flirt along with them. It was simply wonderful. I also enjoyed the part when Karmine Alers who played the role of mimi sang Out Tonight. When shefirst came to the stage she had a topcoat. Then suddenly without warning or caution she took it off and started dancing. She had a great body and she dance very well. The way her body moved and the way she sang felt as she was singing with passion. She made me want to go up on stage and d…


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