The development of today’s technologies in the industrial world and welding have/_.
improved tremendously compared to one hundred years ago.Cars are becoming lighter
and airplanes sleeker.The automobile industry has waited for this to come around
for years; it is called aluminum welding.This becomes possible with the help of new
methods of aluminum welding in many different fields of the auto industry. With more
and more technology evolving, aluminum welding is progressing and becoming
increasingly important in today’s industrial world.
Welding within itself has existed for a long time.It dates back to the
Egyptians in the middle ages where gold boxes were found that had been welded together. This all evolved out of blacksmithing and later became more sophisticated. Nothing really came around until the late 1800’s when arc welding was being experimented with and
later invented.When steel became popular with the industrial world, welding also became popular.There was not an efficient way to bring together steel other than just bolting it together (Peter).People knew that those bolts could not possibly last forever.As time progressed, new materials began to be used in the industries and therefore new methods of welding became discovered.The main method found was Arc welding and it just branched off from there. But in aluminum welding, the Friction-stir and Magnetic pulse processes are the two important ones to look at.The breakthrough occurred when aluminum began to be used with airplanes and automobiles.Thus, aluminum weldingand these methods started their initial use.
With the car industry booming the way it is and new cars coming out almost every
half of a year, technology has to keep up with reality. In today’s modern world, a lot of aluminum goes into out cars.This is done for durability and the weight of the cars.Because the cars are made of


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