Warhol and Litchenstein- compa

Kristin Andersen
English 101- Hall
Compare and Contrast Essay
October 11, 2001

From a young age, both Warhol and Lichtenstein demonstrated surpassing talent in art. Andy Warhol, real name Andrew Warhola, was born in 1928 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, to Czechoslovakian parents. Before he could walk, Warhol was coloring in coloring books. His mother noticed his exceptional skill for "staying within the lines" and for encouragement, rewarded her son with a candy bar each time he completed a page. During his grade school years Warhol, a chronic sufferer of Saint Vitus Dance, was frequently sick. He would lay in bed for days on end making paper dolls and "copying the Maybelline ads of Hedy Lamarr." After highschoolWarhol studied commercial art at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsberg. Warhol graduated in 1949 and went to New York where he worked for the magazines Harpers Bazarr and Vogue as an illustrator. At the same time he was working in commercial advertising and in his free time drew pictures of flowers, cats, angles, ect., to charm potential clients into giving him a job. He soon became one of New Yorks most sought after and successful illustrators. Though Warhol was extremely focused on his commercial career, he still found time to pursue his passion for fine art and in 1952 he had hisfirst gallery show in New York City. Litchenstein was born in 1923 in New York City. His father was a relator and his mother a housewife. His parents were very busy people and because both his parents "lacked an artistic streak", Lichtenstein grew up under no specific artistic influence. At the age of fourteen he attended a painting class, on weekends, at Parsons School of Desighn. Litchenstein attended Franklin High School in his adolesent years. The school had no art program, but he drew and painted at home and in the summers enrolled in art classes at the Art Students League. After high school Litche…

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