Votive Figure of Fortuna

Votive Figure of Fortuna
The Goddess of Good Fortune
(The Haggin Museum)

When I set out to pick a piece of art for this assignment, there were a few things I was looking for.I wanted a piece that showed great detail, style and meaning. WhenI saw the Votive Figure of Fortuna, immediately I noticed all of these things. The sculpture was truly a strong depiction of its time and era, created in Greece in 100 B.C.- 100 A.D. Created from terracotta clay, the artist's eye for detail in this piece was so much more distinct than all of the other piecesthat surrounded it.The formal elements that I will discuss that brings this piece to life are; line, texture, pattern and balance.

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What makes the Votive Figure of Fortuna so interesting is the intricacy it initiates for such a small and very old sculpture. The figure is around 2" wide by 7" high and around 2" deep.This detail is maintained through its contrasty and abrupt line patterns with intense angles and line variation. These lines are used by the artist to bring to life the woman’s flowing gown. All of the folds are created, ripple by ripple through deep cuts in the terracotta clay.

The artist created rich texture through his use of lines and thick gouges in the clay. Line next to line, side by side, interrupted by another set of lines atsharp, 90 degree angles also helps to evolve this emotion of great texture. The gown appears to be very fabric like even though the sculpture is simply hardened clay. This is a great effect by the artist and definitely one of its strongest elements.

The patterns that are created with the detailed lines are also very important to the overall outlook of this piece. These lines flow one into the other, creating great contrast and depth. Shadows almost are fully developed with the line patterns because of the artist composition…


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