Visual Analysis of Marilyn, by Audrey Flack

The piece that I have chosento analyze is a painting called Marilyn, by Audrey Flack.The painting was made of oil over acrylic on canvas in the year 1977.The dimensions of this piece make me feel as if it is huge.Considering the fact that it is 8' x 8' Ifirst relate the piece to my height which is a few feet smaller than 8 feet. When looking at the photograph of the painting in the text book I assumed it was a fairly small painting.The actual size of the piece makes me much more involved and engaged in the piece rather than if it were the size I automatically assumed it was.The proportions of the piece are 1:1; this makes the painting a perfect square, but because of how large the painting is I would not have noticed the proportions, like I did when looking at a small picture of it.
When I look at this image and imagine being face to face with the original I feel as ifI am at the same levelas the work.I am very close to the figures, which makes me feel I am in the piece.The viewpoint almost makes me feel as though the painting is about myself even though I know it isn't and that it is actually about Marilyn Monroe and her life. I relate to each figure because they are all familiar objects that I can almost touch.
The fact that this is a still life tells us the framing is intentional and the setting is very specific.There are many personal objects arranged around a book with Marilyn's portrait,on elegant andrich colored fabric.It's difficult trying to imagine myself walking around in the piece because it isn't landscape, or a piece showing a plane that someone can stand on.The only way I feel I can move in the piece is with my eyes and not my feet.If I were to move I would move completely out of the painting's setting.I feel that I am not in a place at a specific time but that I am in a memory or someone's thought.This thought being a very strong sens…


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