V When Ifirst of this assignment I had a tuff time, trying to find out who or what I was going top write on. I consider myself some what of an artist. But I don’t draw skecthes or paint masterpeices. Im a writer, Im like most other artsist that paint. instead of seeing and images from my head and paint them on my canvis. I take my emotions, put them in words and in my owntype of canvis creating my version of a materpeice.I wanted to pick an artist that was like me in a way, one that I could mostly relate to. When I was in seventh grade, I took french 1.We covered a lot of there culturethe majority of it was. We came across a mans life that to me will always be a legacy.His name was Vincent vanGogh. Vincent van Gogh was seen as a failure in his lifetime which lead to various mental disorders and ultimately suicide, but todayhe is viewed as the foremost representative of postimpressionist art.Unable to conform to normal life, Vincent turned to art to passionately express his feelings.His style of choppy brush strokes ofamazing colors was looked down upon by other artist of his time but with support from his brother, Theo, Vincent lived his dream of becoming an artist.Although he enjoyed painting, the intense feeling of failure and rejection by women, took a toll on Vincent.He went through long bouts of depression, which led to his suicide.Today, Van Gogh is seen as one of the most achieved and inspirational artists of all time.
Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853 in North Brafant, Holland.He was the son of Theodorus van Gogh, an evangelical Calvinist, and Anna Cornelia Carbentus.He was the second son named Vincent, thefirst died an infant.This always made Vincent feel like a replacement son for his parents, like there was a sence of guilt with him.As a child Vincent was shy, and preferred to be alone.He liked the outdoors and admired its beauty, which he portrayed is his paintings later in l…


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