Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was one of Europe’s greatest painters.During the late 19th century, he created magnificent works of arts. Vincent Van Gogh was born in Holland and spent most of his time in London. He have painted for at least 10 years.Vincent;s brother, Theo supported him at Paris, but later Van Gogh moved to South France.
He is a post-impressionist painter.He likes to paint with very bright colors.Van Gogh express his emotion in color and light brush stoke on to his painting.He uses a style called Impasto.It is a very thick texture of paint that uses broken brush stoked to show the strong emotions that Van Gogh have.
The artwork that was done by Van Gogh really shows the emotional feelings that Van Gogh has inside of him. His painting always shows how depressing Van Gogh was. His painting will never feel comfortable. It will always seem depress. He was always depressed, nothing good would ever happen to him. He has tried so many type of work but art was the only thing he could do best. The world has been influence by his emotional artworks. You can laugh, cry or be clueless about a painting but as for Van Gogh;s painting you will always see what he was feeling.
The painting I have is “Vase with Peonies and Roses.” The way I see this painting is that he is feeling very upset. I see a vase with flowers that is white. The painter didn;t seem very happy as he was painting. The color background made the vase of flower stands out more.
Realism of form was abandoned more and more, and color effects were intensified. He attempted to reproduce what he thought. This work of art has been very well organized. Just by the colors that Van Gogh uses, it can show most of his mind. It really brings it out.
It shows that the happiness in Van Gogh;s life is gone. The yellow flower symbolizes happiness and it fell off. The background is made up of Complentary color, which is red and green. There a…


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