Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1853 in Groot-Zundert, which is located in the Netherlands, and died in 1890 at the tender age of 37. This story details his lack of acceptance in society during this period, in addition to how his paintings affected modern-day society, the critics, and the censorship of art. Van Gogh's father was a Dutch protestant minister. In addition to Vincent, his father had other children: Anna, Willamina, and Theo, who was very close to Vincent.Theo went on to become a very successful art dealer through the acquisition and sale of impressionist paintings.
Eventually, his father saved up enough to send his children to boarding school but it wasn't right environment for the young children. The children were forced to endure cold showers, lack of proper nutrition, in addition to not being able to form a bond with the other students. At the age of 15, Vincent was no longer interested in the mundane topics of school and withdrew from it. He wanted to follow his passion of painting, and he had a keen eye for color.
From the early 1880s on, van Gogh was supported by his brother Théo, who was an art dealer in Paris who was financially backing Vincent. He corresponded frequently with Théo for most of his life, describing in detail his daily life and the ideas for his works. Later Vincent moved to Paris and found a whore named sin and she had already two children from previous guys but Vincent wanted to marry her. Van Gogh contracted syphilis from her and she later left him. He had started to believe he was an exile of the public.
Vincent later wrote a man by the name Paul Gauguin and asked him to live with him. Gauguin wrote back saying your crazy, shortly after Gauguin left and meet up with him. Van Gogh and Gauguin got in a lot of brutal conflicts, after an argument one night Van Gogh cut off the lower portion of his ear lobe. These comflicts caused Gauguin to leave but hi


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