vincent van gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1853 at the town of GrootZndut, in Holland.He passed away in 1890.He was known to be a great and talented artist.I’m not really familiar with Van Gogh’s work, but there is this one piece of work of his that stands out to me.This piece of work is called ” The Starry Night.”It was an oil on canvas done in 1889.This painting now sits at The Museum of Modern Art, in New York.You see a brightly colored landscape with a tree, a village, a church, and a turbulent sky in this masterpiece.
This square painting has a lot of texture and value.The painting is simple like a cartoon like image and it’s feature’s can be instantly recognizable.The color blue was used a lot in his painting.The blue really enhanced the scene of the sky.The yellow was used to bring out the stars in the painting.I really like the way Van Gogh used whirlpool like lines to create this crazy sky.
The definition of star is a large celestial body composed of gravitationally contained of hot gases emitting electromagnetic radiation, especially light, as a result of nuclear reactions inside the star.All stars probably vary slightly in their brightness on a more less periodic basis.
I’m really not sure what Van Gogh is trying to portray in this piece of work.Van Gogh was a tormented, intense, and mystical man.I’m sure some of the torment, and a kind of madness of his was built into this painting.I think Van Gogh brought his work a whole lot of experiences and emotions.When I look at this painting I get a sense of energy, happiness, and exuberance.It looks like a hot summer night.It makes me want to go put on a pair of shorts and run out side and catch fireflies like I did when I was little during summer night’s.It also reminds me of the time when I’d go swimming at night time at the neighbors house.This painting can bring a lot of memories to mind.


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