View From The Bridge Critique

Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge is a modern tragedy set in1950's Brooklyn about a man's obsession with his niece, and what that obsession ultimately brings about.Eddie Carbone, the protagonist of the play also happens to be the antagonist, because he ultimately is fighting against himself with his desires for his niece.I believe that this play was very predictable from the start; this is why I really did not enjoy it all that much.A View from the Bridge had some interesting parts but to me it was really boring and just didn't go anywhere.
To me this play did not go anywhere because I did care for any of the characters. The way that Arthur Miller wrote this play makes it hard for you to care about any of the characters; therefore I also do not care what happens to them.There is Eddie, who comes of as arrogant to me; he is the one that I disliked the most.I really saw no point to his behavior, if Miller had given us more of a reason as to why he had such strong feelings toward Catherine then at least we could have learned what made him tick, but as it is I can not see that.I see no purpose for Alfieri; I think that this play could go on just fine without him.I do see the need for a narrator, but I don't think that Alfieri should have been included in the play itself, I believe this cheapens his position as the narrator.
Beatrice and Catherine are two characters that I did not like all that much.I saw no practical purpose for Beatrice in this play, she had no effect on this play at all.I would have liked the Beatrice character a little more had she had more of an impact in the play.The Catherine character was likeable but I believe that she is a big reason why Eddie self-destructs.
The way that Rodolpho acted made me not care about his fate.I do believe that Eddie was at least part right when he said that Marco was just looking to get married to become a citizen.I think th…


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