Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh led a very depressing and tragic life.Throughout his existence he was plagued with the feeling that he had failed in everything he attempted to accomplish.These feelings of worthlessness resulted in Vincent having a very low self-esteem, causing him to become more and more depressed.Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853 in a small village near the Netherlands.He had five siblings, but the only one he shared a strong bond with was his younger brother Theo.Their brotherly love would remain strong until the tragic day Vincent took his own life.
Throughout his childhood Vincent was never an outgoing or active child, which worried his parents.They sent him away to school in hopes of a change in his attitude toward society and his peers, but while away Vincent only secluded himself more.By the age of 27 Vincent had been an art dealer at his uncle's art gallery, a tutor, theological student, and a missionary type to the poor, all of which he ultimately failed.These unsuccessful attempts at a career did not have a pleasant effect on the artist.His moods became more depressed and his feelings of failure continued to haunt him.
Aside from career disasters, Vincent also had disappointments in love as well.He had loved four different times, and each time he was rejected.Whatever attempts he made at happiness with women were all unsuccessful.He had no lasting relationships, which soon began to make him a very lonesome man.
Vincent suffered hisfirst episode in 1888 while living with fellow artist and friend Paul Gauguin.After the two had a fight Vincent threatened Paul with a razor, then preceded to cut of his own ear.He then entered a mental asylum in Arles.Vincent continued to have attacks and occasionally hallucinations; he also attempted suicide by trying to ingest his own paints.The remainder of his life Vincent was in and out of confinement, fighting mental illness. Then sadly in J…


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