Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was a very interesting artist.He was born in 1853. By the time he was 1 ? years old he drew pictures. By age of thirteen, he decided to draw still life. One of thefirst drawings was of his brother, Theo Van Gogh, working in the field.
In 1877, at age twenty-four, he went to Amsterdam to study to be a minister. He did not do well there so he went to Brussels, Belgum. He studied art at a small school. He later graduated from the University.
Vincent and Theo grew apart. Theo went to France to be a successful art dealer. Vincent worked at a poor mine for money. He stayed at the mine and got fed horribly. Vincent had enough money for food, water, clothes and a bed, but he gave it all to the other workers and became poor. Later he became very sick.
When his brother heard that Vincent was sick, he left France to visit him. When he got there, he saw Vincent lying on an uncomfortable bed sick, poor, and hungry. He knew he had to do something.
So Theo gave Vincent a monthly amount of money and Vincent got back on track. Then Theo asked Vincent if he wanted to go back to France with him and sell his paintings. In France, Vincent drew the people working in the fields. He used dark colors on bright colors. Though his paintings were great, people did not buy them. So Theo told him to draw other pictures, but Vincent did not want to. "I want to draw people doing something." So that's what he did.
Vincent was working in the sun too long and soon became both mentally and physically ill. He started to do strange things. He cut his ear off for no reason. Theo found him lying on the bed with bloody towels and put him in the hospital. He was not released for two months.
After he was released Vincent wanted to be well so he went to therapy. He continued to paint but he got sick again and was put in jail. Theo paid the money to get Vincent out. Vincent went to a hospital again to get


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