Uncle Vanya analysis

1. The Protagonist:Yelena, 27 year old wife to Alexander Serebriakov, a retired professor.
3. Antagonist:Mikhail Lvovich Astrov, a doctor, drunkard and ecologist.
4. Unconscious:Yelena is a woman afraid of her true feelings.She cannot recognize them to act upon them.As a result of playing life safely, boredom is a constant, unwelcome companion.
5. Super Objective:Yelena yearns to break free and fly away.
6. Inciting Event:At the beginning of act three, Sonya confesses her love of Astrov to Yelena.Yelena agrees to find out from Astrov his feelings for Sonya.
7. Rising Action:Sonya admits her love of Astrov to Yelena, who offers to find out from Astrov his feelings for Sonya -> Astrov and Yelena discuss Sonya’s affections, but the conversation turns around when Astrov becomes certain Yelena using Sonya as an excuse to see him -> Astrov grabs her by the waist and she nearly gives into him, resting her head on his chest -> Vanya walks in on them at that moment and becomes upset -> The Professor calls a meeting and implores the family for advice on a scheme in which the farm would be sold and the proceeds invested in managed funds and a small vacation home in Finland -> Vanya, upset over a great many things attempts to murder the professor by shooting him, but misses -> Vanya is sequestered in his room as Astrov and Sonya talk him out of killing himself -> He gives back the morphine he stole from Astrov and Sonya takes him to speak with The Professor so they may make amends -> Yelena parts, giving Astrov a last intense embrace -> Astrov leaves -> The play ends with Sonya telling Uncle Vanya they will have a better next life.
8. Climax:When Yelena rests her head on Astrov’s chest, giving into her yearning to break free, but is interrupted by Uncle Vanya walking in.
9. Resolution:The Professor and his wife leave, as does the Doctor, leaving Uncle Vanya and Sonya in a


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