Two Worlds

In a bedroom at a small cabin in Lexington, Michigan is where you'll find two worlds within each other. When I walked into the room the smell of Cedar and fresh cut grass flowed through the air. I wandered through the room and with each step I took, the marbled emerald green, beige and Oak carpet flattened beneath my feet.Orange sunlight cascaded through the blue curtained windows from the violet sky, as if it was raining. Only the jubilant sound of the birds singing and the whispers of the wind gliding through the Maple trees encompassed the room through the two screened windows.. Then swiftly, the large sound of the crackle and whistling of a Bon fire being started lightly intruded the room. Soon the aroma of Hickory and delicious ribs being simmered across the roaring flames slowly became dominant. The pearl walls were painted with a log imprinted wallpaper which gives the entire room a very comforting and relaxing feeling.
To my left in the far corner of the room, was a Walnut bunk bed packed with so many white and green striped pillows and blankets, when you settle on it, it can only be compared to a hand of feathers grasping your body. To my closest left, a single large bed with a bedframe made of Mahogany sat across from the bunk bed, with striped little pillows and only a single blanket. Despite the bed having the same colors, it was very firm and uneasy. Behind the bunk bed was a white raft striped with yellow and red and was used to relax on the refreshing waters of Lake Huron on a blistering summer day. The only other furniture in the room was a broad Walnut dresser and a green and white striped lamp, with a carved Oak base which sat atop of the dresser. A Oak framed mirror hung on the wall just behind the lamp and was stained and gave the impression that it had survived many years.
After the orange sunlight faded from the room and the firelight died from the outside, nightfall encroached, and shadows crawled …


I'm Sandulf

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