Two Film Techniques Used in

The composer of the film,'Witness', uses various film techniques to illustrate the contrast between the English world and the Amish way of life. Two techniques that stand out from the rest in this film are the dialogue, and the camera angles from which every scene is taken.
The dialogue between the actors is an essential film technique because without it, it would be impossible for the audience to understand the film's plot/theme.
In this film, the dialogue is used to reveal little details about the Amish way of life, so that even some audiences who are not aware of this group of people will learn something new about the Amish. We discovered that the Amish are different in that they are very religious and they take every word of the Bible literally. We hear Rachel Lapp and Eli telling John Book to adjust to their way of life while he is living with them. We also witness the indifference displayed by the English in the scene where a group of disrespectful teenagers were harassing the Amish. We hear one of the teenagers saying'Watch out, he'll hit you with a bible'. This clearly shows their prejudice towards the Amish. How the actors recite their lines also helps to show the difference between the English and the Amish, we would not hear Rachel or Eli or Samuel swearing or using slang words as they seem to be very proper and honest.
Half-body shots are used throughout the film to allow us to generally observe how the Amish act around people from inside and outside their group. From here, we see that the Amish do not believe in violence, they will try as hard as possible to solve any arguments with a possible mutual agreement. Close up shots are used to show the expression of the Amish when they are surprised, happy, etc. These shots are usually followed by half-body shots or full-body shots to reveal what it is that cause them to have such expression o


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