Truman show

"Director Peter Weir has made great use of images to help us understand the world Truman lives in". Discuss
The director of The Truman Show, Peter Weir released the film in 1998; it tells a story someone who exists because of television.Peter Weir has directed a film with the main character (Truman-Jim Carey) trapped in false paradises and environments of illusion for at least the better part of the twentieth century. Truman was adopted by the television corporation at birth, for a show based on his life. Where he lives in a world that is all artificial, besides Truman, who doesn't start to realize everything fake until he is thirty. Through out the film Truman tries to free himself from prison disguised as ideal places. Peter Weir produces three main images to the responder, so as the responder sees Truman's world from three different perspectives. The viewer sees the image of Truman's world through Truman, From Christof the director of the Truman show and the audience viewing the Truman show. Where Weir portrays a show within a show to the responder. Peter Weir has used a variety of film techniques to convey his ideas through images, helping the responder understand the film. By Weir combining two or more film techniques he was able to provide the responder with powerful images, making a greater emphasis on the ideas Weir is trying to get across.
Major techniques used through out the film include camera angle, framing, shot types, camera movement, music, costuming and sequence. Peter Weir uses a number of film techniques to get his image across of Truman in his world. This is seen by the responder in the second scene, where Truman leaves his house for work, he says in a corny style,'In case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight'. Giving the impression to the responders that the scene is almost scripted. From Truman's clothing the responder notices conservat…


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