Throughout time women have broken off the shorter end of the stick against men. Even when women have been correct and justified in their opinions, they have often been ignored and had their opinions and thoughts vanquished. Sometimes men will amuse women by taking their thoughts into consideration, but many times the real essence of what a woman says is lost in the rolling of eyes and laughter or scorn of men. How many times do husbands ask for directions when their wives have told them they are lost? This may seem a trivial episode, but underlying it is superiority felt by men towards women. However men do not realize that their own conceit holds them back, and does not bring them to higher ground. In order to counter this, women tend to keep to themselves in many cases, knowing their opinions will not be considered. In the drama "Trifles" it is many times nuances and innuendos, and not facts, that the women use to express their thoughts. In this way women will often know the truth quietly, while men will think they know the truth loudly.
In the beginning of the play, the County Attorney remarks upon how dirty the towels in the kitchen are. To him, the towels are just that, towels. They do not indicate to him anything about the way of life in which Mr. And Mrs. Wright lived. He cannot see such indicators because he does not look for them. He does not look for them because he does not know how to. He is not sensitive to the goings on in the household. However, when Mrs. Hale defends Mrs. Wright, "Those towels get dirty awful quick. Men's hands aren't always as clean as they might be", the County Attorney brushes her off as simple "loyalty to her sex." The Attorney is missing a clue in the towel. However Mrs. Hale is quick to note that a dirty towel could mean an abusive husband. Without saying that Mr. Wright was abusive, Mrs. Hale says that his hands aren't as clean, or his mann


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