Trelawny of the Wells Summary and Analyzation

Arthur Wing Pinero’s Trelawny of the Wells was one that I personally was
open-minded to when required to see the production at the Ruth Halls
Theatre. Because theatre and art interest me, I expected the production of
Trelawny to be quite well.When I came to the Wednesday production, I
wanted to examine the design qualities and aspects of the play.In a
previous theatre class, I tried to examine the acting quality and styles
of the production, but failed to recall as much as I would have liked for
the response paper.Although the plot of Trelawny of the Wells was
disappointing and bland, the costume, sound, scene, and lighting design
helped enhance the performance of the actors and suspense of the audience.
The beginning of thefirst act of Trelawny was confusing.There was not a
clear connection to what the characters names were and it was difficult to
understand what Mr. Albett was saying.I found myself fiddling through
the program trying to figure out whom he was speaking to.I do understand
that actor playing Mr. Albett had to use slang type of English, but it was
frustrating trying to figure out what was being said.The costume design
of this scene had me very interested because the social class of the
characters could be determined by their clothing.Ifirst questioned Tom
Wrench’s costume because I seen a few tears on his shoulder and knee and
thought it was the fault of the costume designer, but throughout the
production I realized that he was a gypsy and could not afford the lavish
The color contrast used for the costume design in thefirst act was very
apparent and positive.Rose Trelawny was introduced in thefirst act in a
white dress that was of higher class than Mr. Wrench’s clothing even
though they were both employed by the Wells theatre.One could recognize
that Rose must have been looked high upon because of white gown, which
represented pureness in …


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