Translation of film titles to cultural difference

Film title always gives audience a general impression about the genre of a movie, and so, is believed to be one of the most influential factors affecting the box office. That is why production houses always take film titling serious. Nowadays, the quality of film title translation is considered more significant as more movies are released internationally under the effect of globalization. This paper aims at discussing the merits and demerits of the translation of the film titles of ?¶‘óëbA??·and ?°I, Robot?±, hence, attempt to give an alternative film title, and finally try to explain the differences between the translations studied above.
I regarded the translation, ?°Running on Karma?± as quite satisfactory as it is closely related to the theme, ?°reason and the consequence?±(Oò?u). Considered the commercial concerns, the word ?°Karma?± is believed to be attractive to target audience as many foreigners have a strong desire in knowing more about Chinese culture and its philosophy while Karma is a well-known concept in Buddhism.
Instead of the word-for-word translation, ?°Running on Karma?± is believed to be more appropriate to be used in Hong Kong. Beyond doubt, ?°‘óëbA? ?± (?°Big?±) is a gimmick, which might attract Chinese audience; however, the effect would not be so effective to the West as muscular as Big is common in the West. That is why a film title with Buddhist message is considered more appropriate.
Apart from the Inter-lingual translation, intra-lingual translation should not be neglected too. According to the production house, ?¶‘ó‰Ki^O?‘óOC»U?·and ?°An Intelligent Muscular Man?± are the official film titles used in Mainland China. Indeed, I appreciate the titles because …


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