The pace of college is very different to get use to coming out of high school. College teachers like to get to the point and move along with the lesson. I've learned if you don't understand something in class then you should try to study it outside of class. Many times I will be in class and the teacher will say something that I don't understand. Many of my classes do not have weekly assignments either. I'm use to having weekly homework from high school. Although not having assignments due regularly is better for me because I tend to forget things very easily.
I've given a lot of thought in to how I spend my time here in college. A year ago my time management was a complete mess. I've learned to get better by writing stuff down to remind me of what I need to do for the day. It was very difficult for me to juggle school, pledge ship and my social life atfirst coming here. It was a repeat of being late, unorganized and lost. I believe that I have improved a lot though with time management and staying more organized, because I essentially have to. I have to utilize the time that is given to me everyday because of my tight schedule of school and then pledge ship.
Equilibrium of happiness and academics is important. My new fraternity is a lot of fun so I enjoy doing that. Some of my happiness is still in San Diego with the beach but I am learning to deal with it. A few things that have been difficult are not being in San Diego, and dealing with a change in every way. I had to get use to all the streets, get use to the new college grounds, get use to the diverse people , get use to all my classes and get use to my new fraternity. I don't think anything was particularly easy here.I enjoy having new freedom that I had never had before. Although my parents were pretty easy going it is just not the same. Independence is a positive and negative thing in my eyes.My independence is fun and also a lit…


I'm Sandulf

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