Toulouse Lautrec

The modern age of poster designfirst became popular in Paris in 1890's – the 1900's, the technical innovation of this printing meant you advertise a number of things in a range of different colours. On the streets of Paris the effect this had was that they were lit up with all kinds of different techno colours, and they streets were a constant out-door art exhibition.
For the employment of artists this changed because for thefirst time artists were working commercially, and the one artist who this as an opportunity for modern art was Toulouse Lautrec.
Toulouse was born in Albi in France in 1864; he grew up on his family estate in Albi until he moved to Paris in 1872. He suffered from a genetic bone disease which made him vulnerable to fractures. By the age of thirteen his walking was aided by a stick, and he only grew to be 4ft 11inches tall. Unfortunately he died at the age of 36 in September 1901, but he made his mark on modern art poster design.
Toulouse's career really took off in 1890 when the scene in Paris was different and will be forever, the Paris world's fair which for thefirst time was lit by electricity. Also it was the year of the completion of the Eiffel Tower; this was a very exciting time in Paris. All different innovations and ideas had come into progress. Japanism is the term used for the phase of art collectors, who's art is of Japanese origin this term was created by Philipe Burty. This was the main influence of Lautrec's work; he used Japanese wood block prints to get his flat shapes for poster designs.
Most of his subjects for his posters were his friends who worked in the café's and sketches.


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