Today We Begin from The End

Today we begin from theend. To the question of what it was, would be, what it wasn't, could be, what went wrong with the right, and the certainty that the uncertainty will put an end to the beginning. Whatlets us live, what tells us the past, and that we don’t know the future. Time provokes encounters, and it causes mismatches , the tomorrow that was yesterday, and that it is impossible bringing back. The heart that keeps what it was, that time didn’t and doesn't erase. The illusion of wanting who doesn’t want you, the breathlessness that makes you suffocate for the reason than you don’t want to know, because what suffocates you is to know that the air you seek doesn’t exist. The surprise of the moment that you had taken as lost, gone, and conformed. The pain of what happened, the pain of what didn’t happen, and the pain of not knowing what would have happened. The pain that comes from the desire of a forbidden love. Or the happiness of a love of one day, such day that everything was as it was supposed to be. The day that rises with the birds, the smile with closed eyes to the light that the sun brought to wake you up to a happy day. The Morning that is already late, of one night that didn’t end. The walk holding hands,the sound of a mutual silent song, a ballad that makes yousmile to who makes you feel love. The moments of silence and observation, happiness, while starring at the beauty by your side for one long second. The moment that you will keep forever, as a portrait of a smile. The night that falls, the moon that comes out, the breeze that passes by, the cold that gives in, the hug that shelters, the intimacy that surrounds, the safety that is sure, the rain that romanticizes, the eternal moment of one day, that ended yesterday, but comes every day, and everyday to come. The caress of a light touch, a gentle kiss, the soft skin, the warmth of a passion. The glance of fixed eye


I'm Sandulf

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