Three Sisters Scenework

Three Sisters, by Anton Chekhov, embodies many different themes and ideas.In my exploration of the play I will be referring to those which involve Olga, the character I represented in ourfirst scene study. The main themes of Three Sisters include frustration, eviction, and the idea of family.
The sisters are frustrated at not being able to go back to their hometown, Moscow. This is something they have dreamed about for a long time.Olga says in Act One, "Oh God, I woke up this morning… I saw the spring, and I felt such a great surge of joy, such a passionate longing for home [Moscow]."This is the central plot of the play, but of course each of the characters has their own frustrations.Olga is frustrated at her career.She has been given the position of headmistress at a school, a job she did not willingly take.Olga also has to deal with many of her siblings' problems, since their mother passed away and Olga became the mother figure of the family.In our scene (Act Three, lines 322-439), Olga enters on Irina's line, "Throw me away, throw me away, I can't go on…!"She comforts and counsels her on the subject of marriage and a woman's duty in life.Masha awakens, and Olga promptly expresses her discomfort for Masha's affair with Vershinin, clearly showing her disappointment in her younger sisters' decisions.In addition to her sisters' problems, she also deals with her frustrations over not getting married.This makes it emotionally difficult to help Irina with her romantic situation, and even more difficult to listen to Masha speak of love.Olga clearly embodies frustration in this scene, as well as in the play as a whole.
The idea of "eviction" is also presented in this play.The sisters feel evicted from Moscow, as they find out that they are never going back.This is part of the main driving plot.They fe


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