Three artist Dialogue

Artist are very opinionated individuals that create pieces that affect us
in many ways. What do I mean by that statement?Well, if one is to look at
any kind of artwork, I believe that it will evoke some kind of reaction from
the viewer. It is the artist's statement. It may not be a written statement or
vocal statement, but it is a visual type of communication. The three artists
that I am discussing will be Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Barnett
Newman.The discussion will be that of their opinions on creating art and
their interpretation of some forms of art. The source of the information will
Jackson Pollock’s artwork is very loose and free with lots of energy
and movement. An idea of an ;American art; to him is absurd. Meaning that
he thinks that art cannot be classified into a type or grouping. His example
of physics being tied to a nationality has it;s merits. The theory of physics is
a universal type of thinking. It is not locked down to be understood by cer-
tain nationalities. He says that all people can understand it;s concepts. And
that is how he views artwork as well. Art is the universal language.
Mark Rothko states that artwork transcends us to a different plane or
dimension.The hum-drum of everyday life can stifle the creative energy
of the artist according to Rothko. He says that if artist;s can let go of his
ties to reality, only then is he able to be truly creative. Freedom is the goal
of the artist. Freedom from reality will allow an artist to create beyond his
normal limits. Artwork is a magical result that started within the artist mind
and is transferred to the canvas. This transformation is his so called
The items in his works are like individual entities that have purpose.
This purpose may be to itself or may have relationships to other


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