Theatre of the absurd

There are a wide variety of different types of theatres in accordance to the different types of genres that exist. One particular theatre that is known as the Theatre of the Absurd exhibits the idea of something that does not follow or answer to a logical explanation. Its philosophy is to take on the existential view of the world, and apply it to a play. There is no underlying message to absurd plays, and are virtually pointless. It takes on the idea of nothing and turning it into something interesting.
When writing a play in this style there are various factors that you must consider. First off, you must realize that these plays are written from an existential point of view and therefore have no apparent reason, true order or meaning. However, it can still be informative and should cause the audience to think about what is happening in a scene, the purpose is to provoke thought with laughter. There are always very intense moments, but it can never look like conventional theatre because it has no start, middle or ending.Moreover, a writer must be aware that the script cannot follow any specified form and that language is reduced to a game of bantering that usually leads to chaos to confuse the audience . A sense of the place is minimal and characters are forced to move in an incomprehensible void-like realm. It is however, usually motionless with the idea that there is no catharsis or document. In the end, an'absurd' scriptwriter must realize that it should be about nothing, and end where it has started. Furthermore, the audience can relate to this type of play by abstractly thinking about the scene and determining what is happening. The audience is forced to really think about the issues presented to them in the play and are faced with a realistic scenario of life, as they watch the characters attempt to work it out. Most scenarios presented in Absurd plays take on realistic situations and were even demanded by the au…


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