The world of dance

Today, the world of stereotypes greatly affects the thought of young minds. Dancing is thought of by the youth as a girl spinning around in a little pink tutu. Dancing is much more than just that. The word male dancer is stereotypically connected with gay or homosexual. This is a stereotype that can greatly affect the confidence and self-esteem of a male dancer. It is shunned upon at school and young boys are teased and ridiculed about being male ballerinas. The youth of this world should learn to respect male dancers and not judge them based on stereotypes.
A very important reason that male dancers shouldn't be judged gay because dance is a feminine-dominated sport is because it has not always been that way. Dancing'sfirst notable male dancer was Louis XIV of France. It began around the 17th century and has been growing in popularity since. Dance began long before this is civilization and was part of society connected to war, religion and others. Men were thefirst dancers because of their athletic bodies. This enabled them to initiate the strenuous and sometimes violet activity of dance. In the early days of dancing in courts, only men danced and men played women roles. This occurred because then, men dominated society. Women began dancing around the end of the seventeenth century. It wasn't until the mid eighteenth century that woman became dominant in dancing and replaced men. August Bournaville revived the male dancer and produced some of the most renowned male dancers. In the twentieth century, males and females dominated he stage together. Ballets that were originally all women ballets were changed and male solos were added to the ballets. Today, being a male ballerina has been accepted by the adult world as a respected career, why can't the younger generations accept it too.


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