The Works of the Impressionists Reflect Modern Life

Monet was born in Paris, the son of a grocer. In his infancy, financial problems forced the family to leave the capital for Le Havre, where Monet's father set up a new business. The experience of living close to the sea, where the play of light on the ocean and in the sky changed so quickly and markedly, was to influenced the painter all his life.
Monet began painting in his teens and came to Paris in 1862 after military service in North Africa. He fell in with the group of painters who in trying to find a deeper truth than academic realism who were rejecting the primacy of form in favour of colour. Monet among all the people in the groups are considered to be the original impressionist.
Monet's painting of Etretat at sunset 1883 is showing an essential of modern art.Etretat is a twelve miles along the coast from Monet's childhood home of Le Havre and its dramatic cliffs and rock formation remain a powerful draw for tourists as well as artists. Monet painted there several times. The painting of Etretat at Sunset 1883 demonstrated the technique of Monet. He accumulates a large number of small brushstrokes in carefully selected colours to build up the forms and light effects, but without any regard for detail or superficial polish. The glow of perception is more important to him than a palpable surfaces and hard edges.
The fact that the impressionists originally got their name from a work by Monet is very appropriate. He was the most characteristic of the impressionists. Painter, Gauguin has ever said about Monet. He said, "Monet is an eye, but only an eye." Monet subject of painting was not a view but the act of viewing. It was the central discovery of impressionism, which was that the eye of the person looking at a painting can reconstruct the detail left out by the painter and the result will be done depending on the painter's skill at persuading the eye towards the desire of the effect. It is …


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