The Voice Within – Critical Analysis

I felt that this song was explicit in its dealings with experience, as it focused generally on the ideas that one can only truly trust one's self when times get rough, and that it is through fighting through your bad experiences that you come out stronger. Innocence was portrayed mostly through symbolism and the repetition of the idea of the "young girl". Also, the song drew parallels within itself, so as to depict the journey from innocence to experience, in self-reference.
Experience was explored in the text through various vehicles, and in its various manifestations. The idea that the world has fallen in line two, expresses a sense of total misery and vulnerability. It is only through an awful or a series of awful experiences the world. Also, the line is very similar to the idiom "one's wall is falling". The similarity draws the audience's attention to the idea that the subject is exposed to the adversities of the world, without any protection or salvation.In line four, the words, "you'll soon be free to fly" evoke images of a soaring eagle, which is a very powerful symbol of experience, and of overcoming the experiences which may have prevented one from succeeding in their pursuits.
I felt that the next stanza and the fifth stanza were poignant in their scrutiny of innocence, and paralleled each other befittingly. I felt that the idea of dreaming and the concept of "nothing is harder than it seems" reflected the childlike concepts that most people lose with maturity in both age and practise. Thus the image evoked is the young girl figure we have become aquatinted with, in the fantastic state of naivety. In the fifth stanza, we look to reality rather than fantasy. "…in a world where innocence is quickly claimed" we see that the experiences of reality are so far removed from the ideal dream world of the young girl, that she has no choice but to accept re…


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