The troublesome life of Joshua

Joshua lay awake, staring blindly towards the roof in this cold damp room. His wife was lying fast asleep next to him. It was raining outside, the wind was blowing to. He could hear the screeching noise of branches against the window and the rumble of rain drops bombarding the roof. It was one of those cold and scary nights, in which you were grateful to have someone close to you. He wrapped the coverlet tightly around him, trying to keep himself warm, and it was comforting. He felt isolated, not only from the cold, but from whatever that might be outside, in this house, in this room. He was a fragile old man, and he had never been quite happy with himself or his life. He had always worked on his farm; ever since his father died he felt he had to take care of it. His days had always been the same, until he met Sarah. Then things started to change, the farm wasn’t as he used to remember it. The memory of his father had faded away, and the frequent visiting neighbours had seemed to decrease. A bolt of lightning shone brightly from the sky, accompanying it a great air-breaking thunderous noise. But Joshua didn’t notice at all. Not the lightning, but what it had revealed, out, in the dark night. He had already fallen asleep, and where he was now, it was much darker than anyone could imagine…

"Wake up Joshua, breakfast is getting cold!"
He sat straight up. Morning, he thought. The large beaming sphere of light called sun had spread its tender beams. These moments is those he liked the most. Not really the breakfast itself, or getting out of bed, but just being able to wake up. "I'm coming!"
The kitchen was dull and pale. It consisted of old furniture from the last century, from when his dad had owned the farm. Joshua had never gotten the chance to buy any new furniture, or buy anything at all to be honest. His wife took care of those sorts of things. Joshua's life was grim.
"Your eggs are getting co…

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