The Seventh Symphony

Arriving at the Arnoff Center for the Performing Arts this passed Saturday `evening, sparked my imagination when Ifirst saw the interior atrium. The building was beautiful and spacious along with fantastic lighting accents. I just knew this ballet performance was going to be a good one. Moreover, I had no idea how well executed and imaginative this performance was going to be.
The main event was the Seventh Symphony. Leonide Massine casted this work and the United States have not seen this work since 1948. Massine was from the Ballet Russe era. This caused an infuriation with the music world. Unfortunately, George Balanchine conquered Massine's career. Massine was trained at the Imperial School in Moscow and choreographed for Diaghilev’s company from 1915 to 1928. His choreographed ballets like Soleil de Nuit in 1915, Parade in 1917, Les Femmes de Bonne Humeur in 1917, Contes Russes in 1917, La Boutique fantasque in 1919, Le Tricorne in 1919, Pulcinella in 1919, Le Chant du Rossignol in 1920, Astuzie Femminili in1920,Z;phyre et Flore in 1925,Les Matelots in 1925,Pas d’acier in 1927, and Ode in 1928. He also choreographed works for the “Soiréees de Paris” in 1924 like Salade (Darius Milhaud), Mercure (Erik Satie), Les Roses (Henri Sauguet), Le Beau Danube (J. Strauss) and Gigue. His last works were for Ballets Russes de Monte-Carlo he choreographed Jeux d’Enfants in 1932, Les Pr;sages 1933, Beach in 1933, Union Pacific in 1933, La Symphonie fantastique in 1936, The Seventh Symphony [Septi;me Symphonie] in 1938, and his last, L’Etrange farandole in 1939.
The main event was The Seventh Symphony. Thefirst movement was The Creation. God was creating plants where there were girls in dresses acting as the plants. The men sitting down were rocks in brown unitards. Water was hitting the rocks to make a stream.There were birds created with deer, fish, and plants. T


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