the scottish national identity

The term'Scottish National Identity' contains two very diverse concepts that of'nation' and'identity', therefore, we have to understand that national identity can encompass a number of different factors and that identity can be ever changing. With this in mind, this essay will examine a selection of the main factors of nation and national identity, which have been covered by many different sociologists, including McCrone and Nairn. The four main factors that will be examined below are; cultural, political and psychological issues which contribute to and are included in a Scottish National Identity.
Culturally Scotland can be shown as a nation/having national identity by its collective history, literature and traditions. History is not only an important element in cultural national identity, but in all of the following factors. Historical information is important because Scotland is a country which is steeped in its own history also this information allows a contrast with more modern times or at the very least confirms the root from which Scottish national identity stems. Before the Act of Union 1707 Scotland was a nation state; it had its own government, giving it complete control over its own affairs. However, the introduction of this Act meant the joining of Scotland, England and Wales under a united flag and government, meaning the loss of controlling these affairs, changing the UK into the nation state and Scotland and Wales into sub nations. Scotland, however kept some of its national qualities; "As well as the rights of the Kirk," (their own religion) "the privileges of the royal burghs…Scottish private law was protected…" (Devine, 1999, p12). Scotland entered this union for economic reasons however a rising rebel force, known as the Jacobites, fought for Scotland's independence and right to monarchy, creating much of the country's history, through many signi…


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