The Road Not Taken- Analysis

I chose the poem because I happened to recall Robert Frost's name when viewing a database of poems on the internet, and I remembered that the poems we read earlier as a class by Frost were well written and appealed to me. This specific poems ties in with the theme of our English class, identity and that is why I chose it.
I think the theme of this poem is choice, the act of making a decision that involves a lot of contemplating. It's not a simple decision such as what to wear or what to eat, but something deeper, a decision that can impact one's entire life. We make millions of decisions every day and most of them require no thought, but decisions such as identity, choosing to be yourself, or choosing to be someone else are very serious. It's not the obvious decision, that everyone is themselves, because we are so heavily influenced by the media and our peers. Basically the author, Robert Lee Frost is talking about himself making a life decision that I think involves his identity. We can take example from this and apply this in our own lives. Have we taken the road less traveled by?In every decision there are always at least two choices (in this poem the two roads would be symbols for choices) and there's always a choice that is more common than the other. When it comes to identity, it's a sad fact that many people "take the popular road" and leave the grassy one (the "unpopular but genuine" one).
In thefirst stanza the author is confused, he has a dilemma and he looks at the obvious choice in front of him. He doesn't really know what he wants "And sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler," he's facing a hard decision "long I stood."
The second stanza takes a look at the second choice the author has, this road is "more grassy and wanted wear." I think this means that this choice is the one people take


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