the Renaissance

Botticelli's, The Birth of Venus, reflected art of the Italian Renaissance ideals. Many people that lived during the Renaissance were very religious and desired to learn about new aspects of life that was not uncovered yet. The Birth of Venus was based on a classical myth of ancient times. Many Italian painters tried passionately to recapture glorious Roman times. Botticelli was not only able to succeed in recapturing a historical myth in his artwork but he also did this with elegance and flair.
Italian Renaissance painters were convinced that the superior wisdom existed in the ancient times. They believed these classical legends and myths must contain some sort of profound and mysterious truth. The painters believed that the ancient people represented Venus as the one who arose from the sea. To these scholars, the story of her birth was the symbol of mystery through which the divine message of beauty came into the world. The message Botticelli is trying to illustrate is quite obvious and self-explanatory. Venus has emerged from the sea on a shell, which is driven to the shore by flying wind-gods. It looks as if a shower of roses is casting down on the scenery. As she is about to step on to the land, one of the Hours or Nymphs receives her with a purple cloak.
Botticelli’s painting of Venus is so beautiful that we do not notice the unnatural length of her neck, the steep fall of her shoulders and the queer way her left arm is hinged to the body. The way he painted Venus so abnormally only added to the graceful beauty and harmony of the design because they enhance her delicacy and tenderness. To me, she seems as if she was washed onto the shore as a gift from heaven. The Italian Renaissance showed great interest in artwork such as The Birth of Venus. They were religious people and fairly optimistic. People began to learn new aspects of life, which includes the human body, science, math, astronomy, and more. Venus was portrayed a…


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