Over the years supercross has grow to be one of the biggest spectating sports to watch; next year can only promise the same thing. With the arrival of new stars each year, it becomes harder for the champion to keep his throne. Every few years a new king is crowned, while the other is dethroned.
There are more people at an AMA motocross event then that of a NFL football game. The stadium is sold out and there are people everywhere. Some people are your average day people who you would see on the street. There are men, women, children, blacks and whites. Certainly there is no race barrier in this sport.
A few years ago, no one ever saw an African-American on a dirt bike. If there was one, he was not good enough to be noticed. That it why they had to work harder than ever before in order to get their names recognized. In order to get noticed, riders have to make it to the top.
Now there is a new Tiger Woods of Motocross. His name is James "Bubba" Stewart. He is the best in his class and is setting lap times that could make him the best of all time. Not even the Aussie (Chad Reed) or the current champ (Ricky Carmichael) set the lap times to beat him; and they are another division up from Bubba!
Bubba poses sportsmanship that is hard to beat in any sport. For instance, last year during supercross season, he gave his lucky helmet away to a kid holding a sign that said "I want Bubba's helmet!" This appalled everyone because the season wasn't over. Maybe he just wanted to show everyone that he didn't need luck and just wanted to show everyone that he is pure talent.
If there was a superman of supercross, this would undoubtedly be James "Bubba" Stewart. He races hard and fast, flying through the course as if he had ridden it a thousand times before. He soars through the air with grace and has an amazing amount of stamina, appearing as if he is a superhuman.


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