The primary purpose of the art

The statement is truly an over simplification. Thatfirst thing that cannot be agreed to is that casting together of music, painting, drama and literature together. There that that convenient heading of calling them art they have little in common with each other. One of the purposes of music, painting and drama and literature may be entertainment but it is hardly justified to say that it is the main purpose
In the world of music there are several sub worlds. There is music catering to the grossest of the tastes to the sublime and spiritual. Some musicians spend half their lifetimes learning to compose or play music properly. Is often in the later stages of their lives that they begin to play. To listen to some of them like Pundit Ravi Shankar or Yehudi Menuhin is nothing less than of music, which is composed, based on the popularity. They are composed based on the fads and following and quite often market surveys are conducted before recording. Such music may be called just entertainment, but certainly not all music.
To call painting an entertainment borders on the ridiculous. Some painters have spent lifetimes in there lifetimes in there art and most often they paint without knowing whether their work will be welcomed by the public or just laughed at. Certainly artists do not mean to entertain, as most art shows are free. Perhaps we can point a finger at the artist to say that he is trying to make a living by painting to entertain as a main reason.
Drama is certainly entertainment. But the question is , is it the mainly entertainment? To put a good play takes on enormous amount of energy and hard work. drama often makes a statement sometimes political sometimes societal. The playwrights, directors and actors want to say what they think world is as they see it. It is the joint expression of the souls of several people who have come together to express themselves. Of course it is entertainment to those who go to see the play. B


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