The poem "Annabel Lee"

The poem "Annabel Lee" was wrote by Edgar Allan Poe. He was born in Boston, America, 1809. His father left him and his mother sooner after his birth. Then his mother died of ill when he was only two years old. He was adopted by a couple who gave him all he needed.The adoptive parent treated him well but ignored what he really wanted. He had a dream of literature while his adoptive father wanted him to do the business. The relationship between Poe and his adoptive father became worse and finally broke. Poe left them and changed to be a vagrant. He was so exhausted of making a living. The people at that time did not find the value of Poe's works. Like many litterateur, he became famous after his death.
The fiction character of "Annabel Lee" was Poe's beloved wife, and cousin, Virginia Clemm, who was on her death bed with tuberculosis. The poem expressed his love and sorrow although by fact the poem was not published till after his death. He had many woman in his life in which they all made him grieve but Virginia inspired him to write “Annabel Lee”。
This poem "Annabel Lee", which was finished in May 1849, would be the last poem of Edgar Allan Poe and also one of Poe's magnum opus. He made a few copies of it and circulated them among his friends to ensure that the poem would not go unnoticed. Poe read the poem in lectures in Richmond and sold it, along with “The Bells,” to Sartain’s Union Magazine of Literature and Art for publication. However, it wasfirst printed in the New-York Daily Tribune on October 9, 1849, only two days after the poet’s death, rushed into print by Rufus Griswold, who had received a copy for later inclusion in the tenth edition of The Poets and Poetry of America.
The format of this poem is so wonderful. The flowery language is so moving. The rhythm of this poem is so attracting. I feel the romance and the adamantine love from it. Poe was a aesthete, the…


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