The Phantom of the Opera

I saw the Phantom of the Opera, at the Fox Theater on Saturday March 9, 2002.I have never been to a musical or play before so I have never been to the Fox.It was so incredibly beautiful.It must have taken a long time to build everything was so elaborate it reminded me of the Sistine Chapel.There was so much to look at, at intermission I walked around to look at the rest of the theater, including the rest rooms.
The Phantom of the Opera was wonderful there was so much color in all of their costumes.The stage changed so drastically so fast I have no idea how they did it.For instance there was this one scene where they were in an office backstage with a desk and chairs and the back drop that looked like an office.Then the next scene it changes to underground where the phantom lives and there is a bridge and fog and a boat that looks like it is floating in the water.
The actors had amazing voices I could not believe they were singing it live; it sounded like it was recorded in a studio and edited.No one made any mistakes it all sounded so good.I don't know how they got their voices to carry so far.The orchestra was also perfect they never missed a beat.I learned by watching this that those people who performed had to have spent a lot of their time practicing to sound and look the way they did.I did not realize that much work goes into a performance.I would definitely recommend the Phantom of the Opera to anyone, especially at the Fox.


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