The Parthenon: A Dream of Ages

The Parthenon.This simple name carries with it a legacy beyond the ages.For each individual who gazes upon its sturdy and timeless structure it entraps them within its life-like stones that hold the very essence of harmony and balance.This quality is repeated in many buildings that a person can find in their everyday life.The Parthenon is, simply put, brilliance.However, one must wonder how this harmony and balance is achieved
To better understand why the Parthenon is an architectural dream an individual mustfirst know the minds behind this genius.The Temple of Athena, as referred to by the true Athenians, was designed by the famous sculptor Pheidias but it was the architect pair of Iktinos and Kallikrates who made this vision complete.It was their minds that decided to make the columns smoothly swell out in order to improve how the Parthenon was viewed from a distance.This continual strive for perfection is ever present in this miraculous structure.
The Doric style columns, rather simple compared to the Ionic or Cornithian Order of columns, allowed the true essence of the building's statue of Athena to shine through.The optical illusion of the sides of the Parthenon again repeats the feeling of balance on all sides, regardless of a person's view of the structure.This balance that is stated so strongly in the Parthenon, is said to represent the equilibrium of the world, through the Greeks view.The non-complexity of shapes and lines demonstrated throughout this model of Greek perfection again only adds to the overall feeling.
Though the brilliant coloring of the figures in the Parthenon are not able to be seen by today's tourists, the friezes and statues are still able to convey a sense of complete agreement to its audiences.Greek architecture is known to display order and harmony and the Parthenon is the peak of such work.Every piece of the infamous frieze from the Parthenon acts…


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