The Odd Couple Summary

Five friends, all guys are sitting around playing poker in Oscar’s apartment. The place really messy
because Oscar’s wife left him. The men are just hanging out, playing cards and eating food. Murray, a policeman,
is wondering where Felix is because he has not missed a Poker game in over two years. The men wonder if he is at
the movies or out with a girl. Frances, Felix’s wife calls to say that she and Felix are getting a divorce and he sent
her a suicide telegram. The men begin worrying about Felix.
There is a knock at the door; it is Felix. They all agree to act like nothing has happened. Felix walks in
and kind of looks around and out the window, not really saying anything. He says he has to use the bathroom. His
friends become a little worried about him going alone but they let him anyway. Oscar and his friends jump up from
the poker table and crowd around the bathroom listening for sounds of suicide but they only hear Felix crying.
Felix comes out and tells them about the divorce. Felix runs around the apartment talking about his unhappiness.
He has no place to stay and misses his wife already. His friends try to calm him down and finally stop him. Oscar
is so fed up with Felix’s running around the apartment and complaining that he throws a glass of water at him!
Felix sits in the chair and complains of a stomachache. He admits to taking a few pills before he left his
house. His friends become worried but Felix tells them that he threw them up before so he should be all right. His
friends decide that they should go home and they leave Felix alone with Oscar. Oscar convinces Felix to live with
him since now they are both single.
Oscar and Felix host another poker game but this time the atmosphere is very di


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