The Mosquito Coast

The Mosquito Coast

In the movie ?§The Mosquito Coast?, the Fox?s family dropping out and leaving America for a new life in the South American jungle, as Allie Fox took away the perfect world from his family. Then, they bought a piece of land on the banks of the Sibun river into the fictional town of Jeronimo, which started in disarray, but the Fox?s family fixed up Jeronimo with the others who had already settled there. When this town became their home with everything that they needed to survive. Everything was running fine to the people of Jeronimo, until the three prisoners with guns arrived and the prisoners were a threat to Fox?s family to leave their new home Jeronimo, since the prisoners carried weapons, so they take over the power from Allie and they can do whatever they want.

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Allie was an eccentric inventor, fed up with the trials of modern civilization. This is where the creation archetype occurs when Allie created a model of ice producer, he wants to pursuit of his utopian dream and begins his mission to bring ice to the Indians to fulfill his dream. In the beginning of the movie Allie states a couple quotes, those quotes are ?§We eat when we?re not hungry, drink when we?re not thirsty. We buy what we don?t need and throw away everything that?s useful. Why sell a man what he wants? Sell him what he doesn?t need! Pretend he?s got eight legs and two stomachs and money to burn. It?s wrong! Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.?, and ?§There are people in New York that live on pet-food and would kill you for a quarter. You don?t dare take a walk for fear somebody will stick a knife in your ribs! Think about it?K you stay home, and they come in through the windows! Ten-year-old homicidal maniacs on every street corner!?

The Fox?s family was decide to leave America, when Allie Fox told his family that there was going to be a big battle in America, this is where the second archetype occurs on the movie. T…


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