The mob and pop culture

Often times you hear the phrase about life imitating art and vice versa. When it comes to pop culture this is especially true. Most often society and pop culture reflect each other. One major influence in this category is the prevalence of organized crime in pop culture.Organized Crime has become a lasting influence in popular culture due to its fascination with the American dream and the way in which they pursue it.
In Hollywood and show business in general there is a long standing relationship with organized crime. Early on in Hollywood the influence of organized crime could make or break your career. They had gained control over some motion picture studios as well as part of the recording industry. This relationship is also highlighted in the many ways that Frank Sinatra has been linked to various organized crime figures throughout history.
There is a certain brash outlaw mentality that attracts us to organized crime. This has been going on in the movies for a very long time. We can look back at some of the greatest movies of all time and the Godfather trilogy is sure to be listed. Along with other features such as Goodfellas and Casino these films have painted the picture of hard working honest criminals pursuing the American dream by any means necessary.While many people may not agree with the ways in which they kill to advance their dreams many of us can relate to the daily struggles of trying to reach a certain pinnacle of success. Often times they are somewhat admired for the extent they will go to in order to reach their dreams.
Beyond the dramatic films organized crime has even reached into the comedy realm with the releases of Analyze This and Analyze That.These films become popular because they begin to paint another side to the story. It shows that while many of the characters in organized crime films have a certain amount of toughness there is also an undeniable human side to these characters. They show t…


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