The Misanthrope

The Misanthrope was not similar to anything one might expect to see in a modern day theatrical production.The dialogue that was spoken between the actors was hard to understand as an audience member.Moliere’s play is done in classic verse format, meaning that the play was done completely in rhyme.An addition obstacle for the actors was the language was not updated to the current mode of speaking.Often times plays that are kept in the original language get complaints form their audiences about the inability to enjoy the play because most of the audience’s time was spent trying to figure out what the actors were saying.At the same time, actors must be aware of overdoing their movements and gestures so they don’t go down the path of dreaded indication.This production of the Misanthrope was a little lacking in the overall quality of the performance because the majority of the actors were having trouble overcoming the language barrier.
The play opens with a conversation between Alceste, played by Geoff Wilson, and Philinte, played by Stan Q. Wash.Alceste shows himself to be very cynical about the motives of people and Philinte shows himself to be very sincere believing that people should be kind to each other even if it meant putting on a false face.We learn this through Alceste and Philinte’s comments on a poem written by their friend Oronte, played by Blake Bowen.Alceste thinks it is horrible while Philinte thinks it is wonderful.Philinte also says that Alceste was too blunt and could have softened his criticism.Later, Alceste decides to go see Celimene, played by Kelly Ann Ford, and talk about their relationship.He tells her that she should get rid of the rest of her suitors and she insists that he is her only true lover.The rest of the suitors at Celimene’s apartment believe the same as Alceste.As they’re talking, Oronte enters with the marshal who tells Alceste to apologize to Oronte about the comments h…


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