The meaning of her gaze

The Venus of Urbino by Titian has been gazing at her observers some say slyly and some say innocently for over 500 years.This look has been used through out the years to appeal and catch the eye of the on lookers; it is even used today in a more modern fashion such as advertisements.A particular advertisement that best depicts the modern version of the Venus is an advertisement for Stephanie's a brand of bridal headpieces. The idea of the art and the advertisement is that they are trying to say something to the observer with out using words, this is done by the way the two woman are seated and the relationship that they have with the observer.This makes the woman appealing and almost goddess like from the way in which they are placed on the chair and their facial expressions.
These two pictures are suggesting eroticism without any actual evidence.The look that they are giving can easily imply a sexual overtone; they are both gazing into the eyes of someone or something.The woman in the photograph is looking off into the distance, or at someone it seems, while the Venus in the painting is clearly looking at the observer of the painting.This is where the two pictures become appealing, since emerging beneath is neither a goddess nor a symbol it's just become that in modern times.Titian's mythological paintings have said to “drawn a great deal of expert commentary, with people, as usual”, or in other words letting them see what they want to see.The painting is just that of a naked woman that let's the observers discover for themselves what the painting means to them.
The picture and the painting both give the woman the presence of a goddess, a woman who is secure and powerful this makes it is appealing to look at. The reader looks at the advertisement and the observer looks at the painting because of the attractiveness. The opinion of the photo and the painting by the observ


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