The Making of a Dramatic Short Film

Dramatic short films are some of the most expressive and magnificent artistic forms of art.It is the telling of a story through the perceptions of its creator making it truly representative of the artist's outlook on life. A year ago one of my friends purchased a digital camcorder and decided to make a dramatic short film.I was asked whether I would be interested in helping to make his vision a reality.I agreed, and was very excited to be able to help create something that has always interested me.
It took three months to shoot the film and the editing process is yet to be completed.The main elements of creating a short film are writing the script, a substantial sum of money, and finding people who share your vision and will put forth an equal amount of effort, this includes people who will be acting and helping with the production aspect of the film.A film can be made with a small amount of money, but it is very difficult to accomplish.
The most efficient equipment you can use to make a film is a digital camera, a computer with a video editing program, a scene marker, some lighting props, wardrobes, and other miscellaneous tools and props, such as extension cords, books, etc. I recommend using a digital camera, because they are very versatile and have a lot of different effects.Plus, in the long run it is much cheaper than using film and much better quality than video.
The writing of the script is entirely dependent on what you want your story to be about and what the characters have to say in order for the audience to understand what you are trying to say.There are script-writing programs you can buy on the Internet and probably some that are free as well.It is a good idea to write down what you want your camera shots to be as well as the character's dialogue.Here is an example from our script: "We open in a tight black and white shot, about two feet away o


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