The language of Performing arts A Commentary on the Work

This term has been our introduction to the subject of performing arts in which we have been studying the three performance arts Dance Drama and Music, During this time I have participated in devising four practical performances each lasting approximately 3 minutes each including a drama piece based on a photo on a 1950s café in Paris, a dance piece based on a poem A Wise Triangle and a music piece including the chords Am Dm and Em.Finally we composed a combined piece to finish the project involving all three art forms we called our integrated piece Greed.
We began by brainstorming our ideas for the poem we chose which was A Wise Triangle we came up with the idea of jagged movement to symbolise triangles and angles and lines.Because our group was of different abilities we had to compose this dance so that everyone appeared to have the Same skill level and everyone tried equally hard, we did this by splitting our group of six in to three pairs of equal build and ability, we came up with the idea to effectively take it in turns to dance each pair standing with their body in a position making a triangle somewhere they would wait while the previous pair would do their part and the remaining pairs would wait in their positions.So the whole time the dance was moving from the beginning to the end.
We started the dance slowly with one couple doing a little movement symbolizing the angles and lines and where they met.A second couple then came through the triangle they had created and then formed another triangle on the floor using their feet.
A third couple walked through these two separate triangles to finish the intro each performing the splits. This was to symbolize the beginning of the poem.
The rest of the dance was displaying the rest of the poem using groups, and the whole group toward the end. The further in to the dance/poem we got, the more the group moved together.
It took us a while to come up with t…


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