The Jungle Essay

Allegory of Charles I of England and Henrietta of France in a Vanitas Oil on canvas painting as done by Frenchmen by the name of Simon Renard de Saint-Andre between the years of 1669 and 1677. The main purpose in evaluating this piece of work is to be aware and describe the physical features, content and symbolization of this painting. This will undoubtedly include the complexity of painting and historical content of the painting. Allegory of Charles I of England and Henrietta of France in Vanitas has many admirable physical features. Atfirst glance , it is a massive painting. It is much larger than other painting sand it seems to engulf the whole wall. The large bulky frame of the painting is plain until your eyes wonder to the top center of it. There is a large flat shell like protrusion surrounded by a flower and imbedded in beads giving it a slight touch of class that it did not have before. Starting from the top, are a low solemn dark atmosphere and further down the painting you go the mood gets lighter and more colorful. However thefirst thing we see at the top are four bubbles floating in the air. They are floating up from a shell. The shell is resting in the hand of a white stoned sculpted baby boy. The shell itself also holds four more bubbles . They could represent the bubble s of life. Bubbles in general reflect things, as in a mirror. Could these bubbles exemplify the life of a man? They seem to be telling us of times to come or of times past. Behind the baby are two half statures of women. They look Roman-like in appearance. These classical busts have on robes of possibly something like a toga. The statues seem to be in a darker background than the baby boy is . It could be the background or it could be that during these times the Romans were looked down upon and in this portrait they were neglected from the light as Judas was in Leonardo's Last Supper. Going further down the picture, the light and the colors seem…


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