The Invention of the Monsters

Salvador Dali's, The Invention of the Monsters, 1937, which is located at the Art Institute of Chicago, depicts the idea of Surrealism, through, the artist's use of space, and form, color and iconography.In the following paper, I will discuss the developments of these elements in Dali's work.
Dali juxtaposed forms in his nightmarish environment. He has the haunting environment, with the dark colors, and the burning giraffe.He sets up his picture in some sort of parallel form between men and women.The women that have the double faced masks, are together, and the half- horse, half females are together.It seems as though no matter how close they are to each other, they do not touch each other.Another characteristic of form would be with the little objects that are laying on the table.There is a human hand, towards the lower left side of the drawing, holding an antique watch.Then there is another human hand holding a ball.The hand seems as though it could be the woman's hand that is sitting on the wooden altar.Towards the upper right hand side of the table, lies a sculpture with two heads, perhaps this might of have been a symbol of Dali's love that he has for his wife Gala, since she was known for posing in his paintings.Based on Dali's Persistence of Memory, it seems as though he was still influenced by his previous painting in signifying that time was very important to him.Lastly, there is this dog that you can hardly see on the postcard, but you can actually see it in the real painting.It has been said that the blue dog, that was painted in the lower right hand side of the painting, was done in an unstable pigment, that faded away within a few years from the artist's completion of his work.It was also said that this dog did not symbolize a monster of any kind.
Dali's Invention of the Monsters is distinct in the way the artist treated the forms.For instance…


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