The Importance of the Arts

The arts are commonly grouped into four categories, those of dance, music, theater, and the visual arts.Dance is the human experience translated by physical movement.It can be anything from the classic form of ballet to ballroom.Music is sound, how pitches relate to one another-composed to convey the wordless of human expression.In the broadest sense, can be defined as including everything connected with dramatic art–the play itself, the stage with its scenery and lighting, makeup, costumes, acting, and actors.The visual arts include sculpture and painting.Each of the arts is a reflection of the culture that produced it as well as capable of transcending its own specific category to complement any of the other categories.For example, in the dance category-river dance is a type of dance that is a cultural reflection of an Irish tradition.And hip-hop is a type of dance that complements the similarly named musical genre.
The arts as a form of expression is a form and a vehicle of communication, of outreach, indicative of the common plight of humanity to be part of community.Each story communicated by each of the arts combines to create a more complete, more complex, more fully and unconsciously honest picture of the society that created it.Every generation commonly defines itself by the arts.Perhaps most importantly, each of the arts can transcend time and retain relevance even to modern ages and audiences.An example of this would be the works of Shakespeare.Written hundreds of years ago and in an archaic and often difficult to decipher language, the themes found in Shakespeare's plays and other writings are still relevant and still applicable to modern interpretations.The arts demonstrate the common themes of the human experience.
The benefits of the arts in education are immeasurable.According to an article in the Charlotte Parent, the arts are a necessary part of the education that will allow s…


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